Writing appointment letter

Provide the agreed compensation and benefits. You will be expected to provide acceptable evidence of your date of birth at the time of joining the company. Prepare your employee appointment letter on company letterhead.

Details such as frequency of travels and possible transfers make an important aspect of your letter of appointment. If you are provided a company accommodation, the same will be regulated by the relevant policy, for which you may refer our Company Leased Accommodation C.

If you require them to visit the office on an early date for contract signing, let them know while clearly indicating the date and time to avoid confusion.

Use a simple language. It also serves as a contract between you and the prospective employee. It makes the appointment official and binding once the appointee accepts his or her appointment. Company Appointment Letters. Before sending your final draft, ensure that all the needed signatures are complied with.

basic appointment letter

Without a call to action, the letter becomes passive. For the more detailed breakdown, you may indicate that the appointee could refer to the contract itself.

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Official Appointment Letters