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It is fundamental in our law that a private individual may, unless expressly forbidden by police power enactments, deal freely with whom he pleases, and his reasons or policy are not the concern of the state.

My daughter said she would cook but I said lets make reservations and we will all go out to eat. Such proper discretion could not occur under plaintiff's urged expansion of constitutional construction.

We are unable to follow the plaintiff's argument for it is too well settled in this state for further debate that the validity and construction of a written contract agreement is a matter of law for the court to decide and is not a question of fact for the jury.

It is strongly contended by plaintiff that the whole field of law on the subject of restrictive covenants was completely changed by pronouncements of the U.

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The foundation of all of plaintiff's theories of action is a claimed breach of contract between her and the cemetery corporation.

Plaintiff did not strenuously argue that the State constitution in Section 1, Art. After having run a small store in Jember East Java that became the largest in town, in he moved to Jakarta where he took his first steps in banking management. Kraemer, U. In Hiroshima, there were 8, students who were mobilized; 6, of which were killed in the Atomic Bombing.

When compared to other major life events like births and weddings, funerals are not expensive. Conduct that is merely a breach of contract is not a tort. I awoke that morning to a empty house and thinking to myself this is the first time in 47 years I will not be spending with my wife on Thanksgiving Day.

The funeral was not held until August 28th.

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