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Both the Investigative Committee itself and the Research Centre specialist in their reports drew attention to the way in which reporting on the financial sector was in the Icelandic media in the two years prior to the collapse. Emphasis on social responsibility The media must be responsible towards the society. Rather, it should provide as much news as possible on the activities of all political parties and provide analysis of the election campaign and election manifestos of different political parties. On the one hand there was extensive reporting on the financial system and most of it in neutral and detached form. Legal Responsibility: While working as a journalist, one should be well conversant with all legal clutches those may generate complicacy or bring trouble any way. From broadcasting the casualties on Media.. Here it becomes obvious that freedom as an ultimate value is hardly to be desired for a society, except where one wishes for a world of Marquis de Sade where satisfying your own pleasure would justify any act. Creating an imbalance between these two sides of the matter causes problems that can be detrimental for any democratic society.

Reedom of my own personal philosophy. In all these cases the historical and philosophical roots of journalist principles are instrumental in determining the quality and level of professionalism of modern day journalism. Of these, the latter two are vital to the proper functioning of a democracy.

It becomes obvious, then, that the press must be free to do its job. Curbing the freedom of the press is, thus, curbing the freedom of the people. Self-regulation in media The media must have some boundaries within itself to be ethical.

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The Althingi Investigative committee bases its conclusion among other things on the findings of the Research Centre on Media and Communication at the University of Iceland. It is the means by which people receive free flow of information and ideas, which is essential to intelligent self-governance, that is, democracy.

In countries like India, the media have a responsibility to fight backward ideas such as casteism and communalism, and help the people fight poverty and other social evils.

There is only that other question. However, like any other right, the right to freedom of expression must be exercised with caution lest it does more harm than good.

The following research paper studies the role of journalism in mass madia nowadays and whether the same media holds it social responsibility in the face if its audience or not.

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The Social Responsibility of Journalism Essay Example