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Public Schools offer some testing, but usually not the comprehensive testing required for Accessibility programs.

When to use the additional information section of the common app

If you are a person with a particular story or history that has defined you or affected you significantly, then the Additional Information section is where you can write about it. In the end, your Additional Information should answer more questions than it creates, and you want to be sure you answer all questions that might arise about the past, present, and future. Think before you decide to include something in the additional information section of your college applications. Instead, choose your best essay and include it in the essay portion of the application. For instance, maybe you were a research assistant to a professor or did an internship and your work developed into something more than that. DO talk about red flags on your application. Another approach to this section is to use it as an opportunity to clarify aspects of your application that you feel need explanation. Prior to joining College Coach, Amy worked as a senior admissions officer at Yale. That said, there is unfortunately still stigma surrounding many mental health conditions, so I advise you to speak with a college admissions professional about whether and how to include this information on your college application. And that is not bad! In addition, you should be careful to prepare this section with as much care as all the others on your application. In addition to advising you to include something or not, they may be able to help you choose the right words to describe your situation.

This was especially difficult for me, as I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old and was on track to becoming the team captain during senior year. Take time to reflect about whether additional information on the Common App would help or harm your application!

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So anything of this nature is not to be put in the Additional Information section. Follow my blog to be notified when new articles are published. I suggest most students with Plans in High School to include a short— fewer than words—essay about what their particular disability is that is accommodated.

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The Resume of Activities will be added as a standard next year as many schools are finding this very useful during the admission review process. DO answer any questions admission officers might have after reading through your application. A passionate learner, she cares deeply about helping high school students navigate the process of college admissions, whether it be through private essay tutoring or sharing advice on the CollegeVine blog. The students should simply describe what their disability or disabilities are as they understand them, and also they should include how they have adapted during their learning with their own personal challenges. If you need some help, contact us. If your major project shows a commitment or an achievement to a specific field, especially one you may pursue academically in college, you may want to further explain the project. While government support helped, we often did not have enough money to eat more than one meal a day. Therefore, you should note whether a significant move impacted your grades or the classes you could take. We also did not have a car, which made it difficult to get around an area with insufficient public transportation. For other students, who have an irregular attendance or more than two high schools on their transcripts, I also suggest a short—two paragraphs basically—identifying why their transcripts are outside the norm. We'll send you information to help you throughout the college admissions process. Though my parents have not accepted me fully, I am handling the stress better, and my grades returned to normal during the Spring semester of junior year.

Similarly, most students with ADA Act accommodations are usually asked to complete an additional form, application, or submission to a college for its Student Accessibility program, after the application has been submitted.

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Write additional information college application form

On its face, the Additional Information essay is a response to the following prompt: Please provide an answer below if you wish to provide details of circumstances or qualifications not reflected in the application. Remember, this is not a place to make excuses, but it is an appropriate place to provide important context and address any anomalies in your application which admissions officers might find peculiar. If, for example, you found that the characters allotted in the activities section was not enough to explain your most time-consuming or important commitment, you can elaborate on that here. We also did not have a car, which made it difficult to get around an area with insufficient public transportation. Follow my blog to be notified when new articles are published. Likewise, if you spent your summers watching your younger siblings or caring for an older relative, here is the place to talk about it! The keyword here is brief: the additional information on the Common App is not a space for you to detail everything you have ever done! Give the admission committee a little more information so they can see the full picture. Amy received her bachelor's degree from Yale University and her master's degree from Golden Gate University. Without explanation, the admission committee might make assumptions that will not go in your favor.

My grades fell slightly during the Fall semester as I adjusted to my new school. It is important to discuss even your greatest challenges with positive forward thinking and an open mind.

I always tell students to think long and hard about what they share here, and to ask themselves if it is truly critical that they reveal or share this information.

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