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What does it mean to be an educated person

Here are a few of the time-worn, low-cost principles that I find myself constantly returning to in my own work with young people: Prioritize engagement over all else. These are the primary numbers that we use to rank and compare each other, the numbers that we lose sleep over. Members can choose to attend between one and four days a week, many holding part-time jobs or taking college classes at the same time. Maximizing the time you spend doing things for their own sake is superior to time spent doing things out of obligation, shame, fear, or coercion. They also need help seeing what is possible when you put your phone on airplane mode for a few hours or a few days : the life-changing power of a good book, a long hike, or an unbroken conversation. They also make sure that there is enough time for such collaboration to take place; the norm at these schools was for teachers to have 90 or more minutes of planning time. Competence cannot develop in school because students are forced to learn a little about everything and deeply about nothing. The first sentence? College is seen as the final goal for high school students. An educated person is someone who learns for fun and recognizes that there is no end to learning, no final certification.

What about the bushmen of the Kalahari? What about the massive number of accomplished people who never finished college or high school, the millions who teach themselves things online each day, or the generations upon generations who built the world we know before formal schooling was invented in the late s?

Or, is being educated mean that you have through either schooling or hands-on experience the required skills to join the work force? Or would he see school as helplessly behind the times and opt for a radically different path to give his children the education they actually needed to thrive in the modern world?

Any person can become educated; it simply takes the will to learn for the sake of learning and living. In a world where the most successful people blazed their own trails, why did schools seem to mostly teach young people to follow orders?

Butreallywhat does being educated truly mean? An educated person has the ability to think clearly and independently. Intrinsic motivation is what we need more of in this world. An educated person has financial literacy; they have the knowledge necessary to make sound financial decisions.

His beard is a foot long, no one in town recognizes him, and something called The American Revolution has happened.

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To be educated is not about how much someone knows. Taking consent seriously does not make you a permissive parent, it makes you a respectful one. He might not. But do such places exist?

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An educated person has the ability to communicate thoughts and ideas in writing, clearly and concisely. Educated people get paid more — the evidence is clear there. These are the primary numbers that we use to rank and compare each other, the numbers that we lose sleep over. Alternative schools and learning centers are popping up everywhere. Choose your poison: bullying, boredom, over-medication, teenage suicide, cheating, lack of preparation for college, lack of transferable career skills: these are the realities of modern schooling. That's way more than can be accomplished in the school day, which is one reason why I reject the idea that teachers and schools are the only ones responsible for educating children. For those who wish to author their own lives — and help their children do the same — there is no better time to be alive. Give freedom and responsibility. You see this most often on Wall Street where stress and big-money decisions are the order of the day. Only then will their victories be their own. Until recently, no one imagined that it had anything to do with an uncanny knack to give the expected answer on standardized tests. Such schools were very popular in the late sixties and early seventies and then dropped off the map — but one of them, the Sudbury Valley School , has doggedly persisted since They take the time to teach and review certain skills to ensure students "get it" whenever necessary. The earlier, bigger, noisier revolution, of course, was the counterculture of the s, which brought us the first generation of school critics and inspired a tidal wave of new alternative schools and colleges. If we add to that a reasonable familiarity with the treasures of history, literature, theater, music, dance and art that previous civilizations have delivered, we are getting to close to the meaning of educated.
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50 Characteristics Of An Educated Person