Thesis on thousand splendid suns

We all know that his portrayal of these emotions is what makes the book so powerful. They are childhood friends, then lovers. Laila remains loyal to Tariq even after she is told that he is dead. We have accepted this gender role as the natural order of our society, and because of this we honor women.

a thousand splendid suns oppression essay

At the end of the book, Mariam gets the chance to give life before she dies. She later gives Rasheed a son. Her mother harps on the unreliability of men and the degradation of women. Education for women was seen as useless and a violation of religion; punishments would be carried out to any women trying to gain an education.

The role of women in Afghanistan is an unjust and unreasonable position in which they are continuously denied many freedoms and rights. At first, Rasheed is happy with the marriage.

a thousand splendid suns analysis

This quote explains that in order for a country to flourish and succeed, both its men and women must be educated.

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