The kalabagh dam consequences

Citizens of the Mianwali district where the dam is planned to be built, argue that the benefits of the dam will be unevenly distributed amongst the ruling class in Punjab and private investors, and will disadvantage smaller communities.

Taking this into account, Kalabagh dam is the most appropriate option to deal with the wastage of millions of acres of water during the monsoon season.

kalabagh dam issue

Water and energy demands necessitate the dam The Kalabagh hydro-electric dam has been defended as a necessary means of supplying water to agriculturalists in the context of Pakistan's shrinking water supply Rizvi, On December 31, four progressive parties in Punjab united to protest against the proposed dam.

The Mutehida Majlas Amal, a coalition of Islamic fundamentalist organisations that form the provincial government of the NWFP, also sent representatives to the rally. Secondly, the decreased flow has meant an increase in the concentration of industrial including heavy metalsdomestic and agricultural including pesticides pollutants in the river.

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The CJP also expressed alarm over the dangerous water crisis in Quetta and warned that if adequate measures were not taken, Quetta will be soon be completely dry.

Resolution Efforts Authorities involved in the conflict Water conflict over the Indus Basin, particularly between the Sindh and Punjab regions, is a reoccurring phenomenon. We oppose the construction of big dams on environmental grounds.

Kalabagh dam cost estimate

The Sindh forestry department estimates that an outflow of around This authority monitors usage compliance of Indus waters, as set out in the Water Apportionment Accord of Razzaq, Disputes between the provinces and the federal government over water allocation led to the signing of the Indus Water Accord in March Due to certain violations of the Indus Accord by the Punjab province, reservations in Sindh grew against the project, whose population and political leaders now painted it as a conspiracy. The dam has since attracted regular public protests and regional government criticism as the dam would affect water access and water quality for farmers, industry, and urban centres downstream. Nor do these figures take account of the effect of the rise in river levels above the dam. Controlling floodwaters has also become a priority in the context of climate change and increasingly unpredictable monsoon seasons Feyyaz, Among them were Engr. Flowing north-west through Ladakh-Baltistan into Gilgit just south of the Karakoram range it gradually turns south into Jammu-Kashmir, coming out of the hills between Peshawar and Rawalpindi in Pakistan. Also threatened with flooding will be Nowshera City which straddles the Kabul River and has a population of , However, independent assessments have put the figure as high as 74, hectares. The IRSA investigated provincial concerns over the Kalabagh dam in and asserted its feasibility. Three major realities shape the conflict dynamics of Kalabagh dam. Initially when the project was being conceived, engineering studies conducted by an independent Panel of Experts were also constituted by the World Bank, to progressively review the consultants work and to advise them. Mail: amoonis hotmail.
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PAKISTAN: Kalabagh dam threatens livelihood of millions