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Leigh Haggerwood's Christmas Song entry was signed as the theme song for a major UK nationwide network TV show, has over 40 million 40,, YouTube views and was playlisted in over , stores worldwide over the Christmas period! The daily rate does not apply for weekends. How to quickly research any genre to make sure your take on it sounds legit rather than like a karaoke version. I love this competition, communication just fantastic! We will pitch your songs to networks in Taiwan and China even after the 2 years. I am particularly pleased that a large employer with a strong presence in my constituency is going to be taking on more apprentices. Mentors are not meant to be best friends, but are best when they are trusted, truthful, loyal and very present allies. The coaching sessions will start in Nov PRS for Music launches Apprenticeship scheme PRS for Music Apprenticeship scheme aims to improve access to jobs in the music industry PRS for Music, the organisation that collects royalties for over , songwriters, composers and music publishers, today launched an apprenticeship programme. This programme is definitely for you if you…. Communication is key to a successful apprenticeship.

We expect that the opportunities created will help young people at different stages of their working life make a step towards sustained employment. Learnt a lot about what makes a hit commercial song and what I can do to make my songs better Allan Cuevas.

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This is where you will develop your professional Music Production Portfolio. Javier Pascual The course was brilliant, the small class size ensured we received individual attention. It received overwhelming response! Most importantly, our trainers will guide you through the entire song writing process from generating an initial idea to producing a demo. Communication is key to a successful apprenticeship. Participants add their input into musical arrangements and instrumentation and join with professional musicians in live and recorded concerts performances, album productions and more. All songwriters, composers and lyricists are welcome. Therefore, we have made it all possible to realize your goals through this revolutionary programme. We lead the campaign for fair access to the creative and cultural industries, and have created over 3, Creative Apprenticeships in the UK since Studio Photo shoots and Video Production, if not requiring 3rd party engagement are also included. When we help you to publish a song, you will only sign the song to us. Love the tools you gave us on melodic rhythm to provide contrast and build, and then release into the chorus. What does the 8 lesson course covers? Other UKSC songwriters have appeared on national TV shows, had radio playlistings, signed deals, won ISA Awards after recommendation and nomination from us, and boosted their songwriting careers. You will work as a freelance writer.

Apprentices can also schedule personal recording sessions after 6pm on weekdays and anytime on weekends. As the largest employer within the music industry we are delighted to lead the way in offering a younger and vital generation an opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge that will sustain them throughout their careers.

Therefore, we have made it all possible to realize your goals through this revolutionary programme. You can also get updates from our blog by email - add your email address in the box below.

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Under this comprehensive 2-year apprenticeship programme, you will have the professionals to guide you through and help you polish your song according to the industry standards!

However, if you are more familiar with playing the guitar, you can also choose to use them too. Finish the song you started on day one and walk home with a polished professional lyric you can use for your own songwriting career.

Think of this as an enmeshed and very personal experience within the recording studio production arts. Workshops take place in retirement communities, classrooms, memory care facilities, and assisted living centers.

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