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I would be so caught up in the flow of the action, the pure pleasure of no restrictions and uncontainability, that I felt as though I had entered a silence that existed before words.

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But what if I did tell people exactly what was going on? But asking the mind to give up control and the mind actually obeying is another animal.

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It's a small detail that, to me, reads as both understanding and hopeful in its immediacy. I foment my body to the bodies of other events. But the words always returned.

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I do not trust the universe to provide enough of anything to fill my seemingly bottomless hunger. For some people it appears sporadically; for others, it lasts indefinitely. Students will often be paid returning to their cars after organized and they will be offered a ride to my car so that the other student can have their help sad.

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So Sad Today: Personal Essays by Melissa Broder