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seashell crafts for adults

Windchimes The different shapes and sizes of seashells make these windchimes play different sounds. Shell Rose Depending on the size of the finished roseit could make a beautiful brooch or knob for a jewelry box. Heat up the seashells and draw on them.

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The cleaning process is a lot more involved and involves bleach and soaking and working out the biological things in the sponge. Just fill your shadow boxes with shells and add in sand or whatever else you want. Paint some ocean and add seashells. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site. I think this is a wonderful idea for the bathroom, especially if your bathroom has a shell or beach theme. Just add them to your path lanterns! Paint them as simply or intricately as you want. You literally just have to clean up your seashells, melt some wax, add the essential oils of your preference, and then fill the shells. Empty up those wine bottles and get creative with these textured beauties. How would you wrap the wire and create a piece unique to you?

As an alternative to paint, try melted crayon seashellslike Asia Citro shared on Fun at Home with Kids. Want to go all out? Do you think you'd be able to hear the ocean from them?

craft activities with shells

I love how creative and yet simple this idea is. Just heat the seashells in the toaster oven and then draw on them with crayon. I think this idea could also be used to make a necklace.

easy seashell crafts

Make a mermaid tiaralike this one from Carissa on the Creative Green Living blog.

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DIY Seashell Projects