Research proposal mobile phone satisfaction and customer service calls

Research proposal mobile phone satisfaction and customer service calls

On December 20,Warid Telecom was rebranded to Airtel. This study attempts to provide a broad view of brand loyalty by proposing a model and testing its potential antecedents. Customers will be interviewed directly to collect the primary data.

The sample sizes of consumers have been 50 from Khulna Division. Internet is the most convenient medium of information. The cell phone was a luxury: a flouting accessory for the select elite.

a study on customer satisfaction in mobile telecommunications project

We hope that our study will provide information to the Mobile Phone Network Service Companies in Bangladesh to understand the want of their customers and satisfied them. However this study has been designed to find out the customer satisfaction level of different mobile operator in Bangladesh.

GPRS offers up to kbps which is faster than fixed phone dial-up service. Telecom Malaysia International Bangladesh got cellular mobile license in that year also. It is a personal feeling of either pleasure or disappointment resulting from the evaluation as well as an emotion-based response to a service.

They have many queries about the transaction like the procedure, instruction, accuracy and efficiency. Just login to Airtel Internet from mobile, laptop or PC and it is on the web. Citycells customer service are open 7 days a week to ensure customers can access Citycell at any convenient time.

Teletalk Provides corporate connection services.

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Ofcom publishes research on mobile phone call service quality