Reflective essay on action research

Additionally, offering choices for study and working in collaboration with the women, they are more likely to enjoy what they are learning and then use it to positively affect change in their lives.

By making explicit and documenting the processes by which individuals carry out their activities and problem solving processes allows for the fine tuning and improvement of these processes.

And again, one of the members of my Community of Practice reminded me that prior to this experience, none of the women had participated in an online community.

Typically, I have been able to sustain and keep a weekly group of elementary students meeting and collaborating together however, the middle school student groups have not been as easy to maintain, and I have never been able to get a high school group going.

On the left, are my reflections specifiacally related to how my learnings have altered my role as a motivational speaker and a leader of women's ministries. Action Research is one strategy that can contribute to professional learning and high-quality teaching.

An Introduction to Action Research I feel that we need to make a greater effort to involve teachers in Action Research. Why action research? A reference guide. Using TappedIn, or another similar provider, may resolve this problem and provide an acceptable way for students to create the community they are missing.

In discussing the group with several members of my Community of Practice, they were able to point out some significant changes in me and in the group that showed me it effectiveness, more so than I initially thought.

Being a co-learner gives others the permission to trust their own experience and knowledge as real and valid. To form questins not just for them, but for me as well.

sharing and reflecting on the process of research

Students have a sense of accomplishment and joy in 'teaching' the teacher, and when they see I am coming with them, instead of standing over them, they feel more free and relaxed.

Some of the most widely accepted definitions of Action Research include following: [Action Research]

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5 Week Reflective Essay