Raising standards in writing achieving childrens targets canine

The percentage of pupil premium children achieving GDS in reading has exceeded the percentage of non-pupil premium children. The percentage of Pupil Premium children working at GDS in Maths was close to the national average but slightly below.

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Targets are set, not communicated, and then used to damn the organisation. An experienced tutor has been employed to support Y6 children with maths on a one-to-one basis.

Sometimes we set targets for organisations, often without telling them. Employing additional staff to support Mathematics, Reading and Writing interventions. The nature of these targets and the degree of acceptance of them is crucial to the attainment of them.

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Providing counselling, where appropriate, to children who need additional support with their emotional well-being. Deming's way; a marriage of theory and practice. Schools have targets to reach.

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