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A political party is a tool and an important ingredient in participatory democracy.

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In case you do not know, there are currently 68 parties in Nigeria. Owuru; Photo: qz. Since the days of the First Republic, Nigeria had multiple political parties apart from the times of the Third Republic, where there were only two parties.

But in the last 10 months, it seemed to have gotten its groove back and is now more than ever before ready to challenge the ruling party to clinch victory at the general election. Nigeria in this regards is no exception.

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However, the constitution that ushered in the Fourth Republic addressed the issue of political parties. According to Yakubu, the process for the amendment to the Electoral Act was delayed by the lawmakers in both chambers of the National Assembly. Peoples Democratic Party, PDP The PDP, which is the main opposition party, had for the most part of the last three and a half years, been in a sort of disarray, perhaps as a result of the crushing defeat it suffered in the hands of the APC. A political party is a tool and an important ingredient in participatory democracy. As the general election builds up with party politics at its zenith, the electoral umpire, the INEC has disclosed that of the 89 associations that approached it for registration as political parties, only 68 are qualified. It is said that the number is going to increase in , as 23 new parties registered in Political parties in Nigeria and their chairmen Photo: omgvoice. In particular, we need to focus attention on the electoral legal framework among several areas of reform. The PUNCH reported that Buhari had declined his assent to the bill because it was too close to the general elections.

Subsequent upon that, other parties emerged and this development laid the foundation for party politics and, elections into political posts, through various parties. You will not believe just how many of them exist in the country! Now you know the full roster of Nigerian political parties and their leaders.

All rights reserved. Every democracy, great or emerging, through the operators of the system, encourage the formation of political parties to provide a level playground for all parties to field their candidates for an election.

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