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If you live in an area with strong LTE signals, Ultera could be a good alternative to wired broadband connections. So even if you move around the house, the Network Assist feature will keep you connected online, leaving you with a seamless and uninterrupted internet experience no matter where you go.

For the basic FibrBiz package, it will be capable of reaching burstable speeds of up to Mbps and for the top of the line plan, it can go up to Mbps of high speed, uninterrupted broadband internet. To celebrate our 5th birthday, we threw a party and invited our financial partners who helped us along the way, along with other prominent personalities in the finance industry.

There are other equally important costs that […]. Once you subscribe, you will be committed to a lock-in period or contract term of up to 24 months. But making the wrong choice can cause you a lot of stress and inconvenience, […] Read More 20 Cheapest Cars to Insure in the Philippines Affordability is a crucial factor that influences a car purchase decision.

Learn more Business Continuity Solutions A range of solutions that allows you to safeguard your business' data and operations through data back-up and a secured alternative office space in times of disaster.

Fret not as PLDT, the leading telecom provider in the country now offers a superior broadband solution fit for businesses and SMEs alike.

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PLDT permanently speeds up unlimited Fibr and DSL plans