Obesity and government control

The climbing rate of obesity despite these efforts revealed some missing pieces in the strategy. For example, an unintended consequence of regulations prohibiting the importation of fruit such as bananas and apples into Australia may mean that consumers pay more and thus presumably eat less of these foods.

Prevalence of overweight among children in Europe. Meanwhile, national government initiatives may be overtaken by EU developments on the Television Without Frontiers Directive which aim to amend regulations on the protection of minors, applicable to all audiovisual services in Europe [ ].

Department of Agriculture Schools Schools should provide a consistent environment that is conducive to healthful eating behaviors and regular physical activity. A coordinated government policy together with a well researched obesity strategy is a good starting point, but law has tools at its disposal that can ensure that policy is effective.

Food safety legislation deals with the safety element of food and not the nutritional content, and so provides no remedy for obesity.

what is the government doing to stop obesity

Here are some examples of perfectly legal government actions that affect what we eat and consequently what we weigh: Taxes and Subsidies Some cities and states already have taxes on sugary drinks.

We are beginning to understand the relationship between the physical environment and obesity [ 3 ], enabling law to intervene to regulate the built environment so as to provide healthier cities. Policy makers have their work cut out for them in innovating a range of initiatives that might control it.

Labor saved, calories lost: the energetic impact of domestic labor-saving devices.

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The Politics Of Obesity: Seven Steps To Government Action