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I would like to have the two of them talk together for an afternoon, and see which one comes away persuaded by the other.

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Satan wanders. But the man thinks that to describe all that as evil gives evil too much power, too much status, that it confers on what is merely rotten and tragic the prestige of the absolute.

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If you speak of the Dark Lord, of the "dark side of Sinai," do you foolishly empower darkness? Why did she kill them? LAMB: I was really thinking after that. But I was from -- from to when I took early retirement, and went on contract with them. An evil chemistry turns the dream of salvation into damnation. Cambodia was a story. But as Jung thought, different people inhabit different centuries. I used to be years ago when I smoked a lot, I could -- the nicotine would keep me up all night and I could do that. And this particular story, it just struck me as funny and a way of delineating my attitude toward evil from A man may kill a snake without compunction. But I find the best time for me is in the morning through until lunch time. And evil has -- is a very illusive term, and you turn it around in your hand and you see it from different angles. Some parts of the earth, where the overnight good prevailed, would glow with a bright transparency. The prospect awakens, in the Western, secular mind, the idea that all future outcomes, good or evil, are a human responsibility.

The Catholic Church, for example, identified Sins that Cry to Heaven for Vengeance, oppression of the poor, widows and orphans, for example, or defrauding laborers of their wagesSins Against the Holy Spirit, and so on, sins mortal and venial, virtues cardinal and sins deadly.

Here and there, a genocide, a true abyss.

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And she survived it, but at considerable cost. Good, a sweeter medium, has a way of boring people.

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He wrote a terrific biography of Groucho Marx a few years ago. LAMB: Now, you went with others. Will evil be transferred along with good and installed in the stainless personoid? Religions over many centuries developed elaborate codifications of sin and evil. It is an insult to my lifetime of writing. I was -- they were scattered. He says, "our basic principle must be absolute for the SS man. Most of us think we know evil when we see it, or we feel it. I mean, what has been the biggest reaction to all of your hundreds of -what did you say, at least

But the West has grown preoccupied by newer forms -- greed, terrorism, drugs, AIDS, crime, child abuse, global pollution, oil spills, acid rain. Toward everything else we can be indifferent.

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And I opened up this large envelope and found a fairly thick stack of 8-by glossy photographs of atrocities, of hideous atrocities. Updating on the father who set fire to his eight-year-old son? And this particular story, it just struck me as funny and a way of delineating my attitude toward evil from LAMB: Where did you grow up in your life? LAMB: As you know, with 34 chapters, each one brings on a new story. Evil works by dehumanizing the Other. It often has to do with the power or the infliction of fear and so on. I mean, "evil" is a word we use when we -- in situations like that, I think, when it seems, as I say, a motiveless malignity. Or, for that matter as an atheist or agnostic would have it , do such terms heedlessly empower the idea of God? What was your point?

If the stainless canister knows nothing of evil, will Mozart sound the same to it as gunfire? Padrica Caine Hill, former bank teller, Washington mother and wife, dresses her three children one morning, makes breakfast for them, smokes some crack cocaine and lets the kids watch cartoons.

Saltonstall was the But there was -- in a department at the university, a woman -- a very bright young woman -- who had a doctorate and was supporting a husband who also had a doctorate but was unemployed and had a couple of kids and so on, and the department chairman began having a -- an affair with a different woman, another woman, in the department.

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LAMB: Where did you learn that? And for so many other people, too. LAMB: Thank you. It arises out of a medieval model of society. So if you -- I mean, are you reduced to this kind of arithmetic, this kind of grizzly business, where you say, well, we would have lost a lot more and the Japanese would have lost a lot more. Will the killer be strained out of the soul? Evil, in whatever intellectual framework, is by definition a monster. What Beelzebubs flew buzzing through the sky on the tips of Scuds and smart bombs, making mischief and brimstone? And I wanted to contrast that with my view of evil, which is possibly more conventional, but simply regards evil as something really bad. Evil on this scale seems to be qualitatively as well as quantitatively different. A man may kill a snake without compunction. Read the article that I wrote last year about Dr. But if there was order, either scientific or moral, in God's universe, it became absurdly inaccessible. Anything new among the suffering Kurds?

And so that was kind of the formation of my -- it was the beginning of my trying to think about this.

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