Humanities globalisation essay

Both marginal and peripheral cultural elements intermingled with deeply rooted facets of diverse cultures blending and merging in newly varied intercultural landscapes.

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These standpoints will be grouped under three different scenarios and presented in the subsequent sections. Further, McDonalization refers to the far-reaching process of social change Ritzer and Malone, Consequently, globalization has been addressed from the points of view of economics, social sciences, politics and international relations and has been subject to endless debates in various disciplines.

It is noteworthy to mention that globalization does not concern countries at the same level. About the authors K.

Appadurai, ; Featherstone, admit that globalization for the most part originates from Western cultures, they however reject the idea that this phenomenon constitutes a homogenization of world cultures resulting from one way exchanges among the latter.

Technoscapes refer to flows of technology and skills to create linkages between organizations around the world. The following sections will present and discuss the three scenarios of the interaction between globalization and culture, namely heterogenization, homogenization and hybridization.

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Impact of Globalization Essay