How to write an application letter for a teaching job in a secondary school

Applications Whether it's your first teaching job or you're looking for a new position after years in the field, you'll need a letter of application, or cover letter, to accompany each resume you send to prospective employers. Many districts now prefer to look at electronic portfolios, so if you're not a recent college grad, you may need some help in preparing one.

Janice Elliot, a mathematics teacher at Anytown High, who was my supervisor for a semester of student teaching.

how to write a job application letter for the post of teacher

I would love to continue my career as a teacher with Anytown Elementary School, with its reputation for helping every child achieve his or her potential. Good closing examples:. Thank you. Your body paragraphs should be two or three paragraphs total and should not be too long or wordy in order to keep your reader's attention.

I've also presented on reading instruction to educators at regional and state conferences, and would bring that expertise to your school.

Please look over my enclosed resume.

how to write an application letter for a teaching job in a primary school

Possess an ability to communicate complex information in an understandable way students can easily comprehend. The other teachers, well…one closes with the most generic exit possible, and this adds nothing to the cover letter.

Sample application letter for secondary teacher

There are many examples of cover letters online. I appreciate your consideration and look forward to hearing from you to discuss this opportunity, and my qualifications, in greater detail. This can be done in Nigeria, across Africa or in any other parts of the world. It is also extremely important to mention that you realize the significance of secondary education and how you are willing to help students engage in the studying process. Hope to hear well from you. I am prepared to become an immediate team player within your organization. If you have any questions or if you need me to provide additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me. I have attached my CV in the attachments. It helps the employer to reach out to you easily. I have experience in this relevant field. Let me know if there are any vacancies. You will find my credentials in the CV perfect for the mentioned job. Full-block style is the most commonly used format. Since the letter is often the first contact you have with a prospective employer, you want to make sure it's engaging and demonstrates why you're a good fit for the position.

I have completed MSc Biology and Chemistry from DU with five years of teaching experience in well-known and reputed institution of this area. Who are you? The last paragraph should sound similar to this: Thank you so much for taking your time to read my application letter.

More than one student I worked with praised the patience and clarity with which I was able to explain difficult concepts.

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Application for School Teacher Job Free Samples