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Before You Attend the Production Read the play before going to the production. But then we went to see another play he also gave a five star review to and we hated it. Going to need an actress with a great deal of charm. Go see a show, and write down your thoughts. I've been learning on the job for the last 30 years, and am still learning with every review I write. Look throught the work itself and see if your conclusion is supported. Particularly in the digital age, when a theatre review can be a succinct and witty character critique on Twitter, an occasional or regular response on the comment threads of Guardian reviews or my weekly What to see blog , or a piece of writing on a blog that runs to many hundreds of words and uses the production as a springboard to discuss wider issues.

It may happen you will like the contemporary version of classics more than the original. It should address the production elements individually and how they work together as a whole.

So much for the traditional unities. Your should answer these and other similar questions.

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What did you like the most, and what did you dislike? Does the reviewer acknowledge the audience reaction particularly if it differs from their own reaction? In this case you could say, Hamlet is about what happens when you procastinate.

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Do not think the play is bad because actors do not speak as people would in real life. Be open-minded and willing to weigh pros and cons.

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Also, prepare to take some notes. Is the reviewer able to discern the vision of the production and the execution of that vision? The performance of actors, as well as dramaturgy are perhaps the most important part of a play. Obviously she must have told him it does. Taking notes in a theater might be a hard task; most likely, you will not be able to write much down, and typing in your phone would take too much time and its light would distract other people. The purpose of descriptive statements is to describe what the reviewer sees or sums up so that the reader has a sense of place, time and motion. Why was the backdrop painted black? Keep in mind at all times that whatever you include must in some way contribute to the assertion you made in your introduction and thesis. Blogging has changed the world of theatre criticism, and for the better. It's difficult to get everyone to care, and some characters defy caring about, but the ones you want them to root for need to have qualities an audience cares about. Greg will know a little.
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Writing about and evaluating theatre