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A RefWorks sidebar opens on the right. Step 2. If you are using Write-N-Cite for Windows on a public computer without a personal login, you should log out of Write-N-Cite when you complete your work. RefWorks Citation Manager - Logged In An action menu is available on the left of the sidebar, and a configuration menu is available when you select the top right of the sidebar. Mostly though you will choose from the list of styles recommended for your modules e. For example, this may be useful when working with master and sub documents that have different citation styles. Every time you perform this action, all citations and the bibliography will be updated to the new style.

Click RefWorks from the Microsoft Word ribbon. If a bibliography already exists, the reference is added to it.

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This Login Code replaces the need for your username and password. When you share your document with another user who is using RefWorks for Google Docs, they can edit and delete any RefWorks references in the document and can add their own references to the document.

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Select the correct Output Style and select Create Bibliography. Full Reference View: 3. Any in-text citations or footnotes and your bibliography will be displayed in your document while you write your paper — in the output style you have selected. You can select citations displayed from this list or access all your references from the Insert New option.

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