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Imagine you are sitting in your boring chemistry class. But six weeks into the regular season, scores of running backs have put their heads down and used their helmets to deliver a blow as a tackler approaches — just as they have for decades.

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Lost in all this banter and discussion is the idea that officials—the men on the field who are supposed to facilitate the rules and manage a clean contest—were never mentioned. Harrison does not like being shown up and made an example of by the NFL's league office and Goodell does not like being shown up by a hard-hitting linebacker that he feels is putting other players in danger.

I hope he gets healthy. According to NFL research, nearly one out of every two helmet-t0-helmet hits resulted in a concussion. Defenders have done the same thing. I wish nothing bad on Amari Cooper. Ken Belson provided reporting from London. I understand and respect the fact that Harrison is only speaking out in favor of how he believes the game should be played.

Who knows how long he may be sidelined.

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And ejection from the game and suspension was also a possibility. Facebook Logo. Even on the college front, broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit mentioned that defensive players who lead with their head should be removed from the game.

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NFL's new helmet hits rule may be extremely difficult to officiate