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Ultimately, they kind of dropped the ball on this one, in terms of the message. Same shirt. It also presented a good opportunity to bring Lee Norris back for a guest appearance as Minkus. When will he find out? So, that I liked. We're in Maya's room now, and I think I'm enjoying Maya the most in this episode. Much like the kids' charity ideas, this episode was too ambitious. As for the content itself, Maya doesn't like school, Riley likes shiny objects, and Cory publicly humiliates his daughter. Which means we never need to see Evelyn Rand again, okay? No, her mom may not have a lot of money.

I hope Cuban throws something at him and makes fun of Minkus for being the father of this single voiced titan of self righteousness.

Wikipedia tells me the story was written by Aaron Jacobs and Jeff Menell, while the actual teleplay was done by just Menell. The Bleh shirt on the left, though appearing to the untrained eye to look the same It's the same shirt.

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It fails at the most basic level of logic. The writing continues to be fairly obvious with Farkle waxing poetic about his romanticized "the grass sure is greener over here" view of being poor.

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Not only was Shawn infamously opposed to receiving charity from anyone, or anything he even vaguely perceived to be charity, but now that I think about it Riley makes up a song to apologize to the zombies she obliterated while playing Farkle's zombie video game.

Buy food.

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I liked the twist on The Provider that we saw, also. Girl Meets World seems to have put a lot of thought into picking its issue-based episodes, especially this season. I kind of sort of liked this one. Farkle, we couldn't love you less just because you have more than us. I get that this is Disney so they don't want to show a kid living in a rat infested dump. I'd come here for nothing. You already did. This is Full House level wish fulfillment. I appreciate that. Paper money used to be certificates that you could exchange for their equal value in gold or silver. Obviously you people will believe anything. But Shawn wouldn't do something like that. I liked him in the classroom scenes a feat! Many kids don't have a bedroom at all, let alone one to themselves painted in fancy colors with nice bedding and etc.

Ginger, Maya's pet ferret, returns, and is revealed to originally have found its way to the Hart household on its own. I didn't think they were saying Maya's the epitome of righteousness God, I sure as shit hope that wasn't what they were saying I think it was just that Farkle really wanted them to use some of their money to help people.

Oh golly It's every episode. Before that, people would buy things with livestock, colored stones, or shiny objects.

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