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For the Soviets, capitalism was a menace to the ideals of socialism, and capitalists could not be trusted or allowed to influence the Soviet people. The Soviets' ever-present aim was to advance the socialist cause.

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Containment, associated with the American diplomat George F. Kennan foresaw internal contradictions within the Soviet system that would probably cause it to fall apart.

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It is fascinating that someone who lacked a mother's care was so aware of how vital containment would be for the rest of us. Kennan served for two and a half years under Marshall, but by the time he left he was at odds with almost everything the United States was doing.

FromKennan served in a variety of European posts until latewhen he accepted an assignment to the American mission later embassy in Moscow; he remained there until he was transferred to Washington DC in Marshallquestioned the approval for the publication.

The following suggestions use the article to address why Americans came to identify the Soviet Union in the late s as a feared and hated enemy rather than a troublesome, but manageable opponent or rival. The rest may be outlined in Lenin's own words: "Unevenness of economic and political development is the inflexible law of capitalism.

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Ideologies behind the Soviet Power