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Episode Reviews. Kira hopes she can convince the villagers to allow her to continue to clean the weaving hut and possibly learn to use the looms when one becomes available. They want to have the girl dragged out to the fields where the beasts can attack and kill her.

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Her father later tells her it was caused when Vandara's toddler slipped on a rock, pulling Vandara down with him. The people that have the blue are not afraid of any beasts. While the society she portrays is stifling and at times ugly, Lowry plants a seed of hope that may or may not flourish. That night, she and Thomas discuss how they each have a special item from their childhood. Kira begins to wonder if her mother's sudden death and the deaths of the two other orphans' parents were actually by the Council's hand to acquire the young, gifted children so that it could mold them into creating the future that it wants. Kira and Thomas search for Matt when their young friend doesn't visit for several days. Kira drags her dead mother to the Field and spends four days watching her spirit leave. It is implied that Thomas, Kira, and Jo, being the new holders of the Gifts, have the opportunity to change the cycle of their society and to improve the conditions in which they live vastly by using their gifts to influence the actions of their people. The implication is that she and the others with Gifts, which the Counsel has saved for their jobs, are also prisoners.

Kira decides to find out the truth about her society. She has a bed, plenty of food and a private bathroom with running water. Jamison - an older man, sponsor and mentor from the Council of Guardians; later discovered to be the man who attempted to kill Christopher.

She speaks with the little girl through the door, promising to return in the night to keep her company, but Jo must keep Kira's visit secret from Jamison.

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She is found worthy of life in their society in the trial and is given the task of repairing the Singer's robe. She, Thomas and Matt explore the Council Edifice, searching for the source of the crying that Thomas hears in the night. Christopher cannot stay and is forced to return, and Kira decides to stay in her own community to continue to embroider the Singer's robe and help improve the society she lives in. Jamison insists that Kira will be safe as long as she stays on the path. His brother tells Kira that Matt has gone to get her a present. After Vandara presents her charges against Kira, the girl is given a defender, a man named Jamison. Matt - a young boy who helps Kira, Thomas, and later Christopher - He reappears as the protagonist in Messenger Thomas - Kira's friend, a young man gifted in wood carving. She begins to grow suspicious of Jamison. Kira's scrap of cloth and Thomas's first block of wood seem to warn them of danger by sending out vibrations that they can feel. How to bleed. Kira declines to go with them to the Village, but it is decided that she will follow once her work in her current task is eventually finished. The man, it turns out, is the father who Kira thought was dead: Christopher. Jamison instructs Kira to take the path to Annabella's hut, far into the woods.

It follows a girl named Kira. Kira believes that the Guardians also killed her mother so that Kira would be forced to use her gifts to improve the Robe. Sorry, and enjoy your break.

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Gathering Blue is set in a harsh world filled with even harsher adults.

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Gathering Blue (The Giver, #2) by Lois Lowry