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This is due to the fact that different sports require more or less stress on the body and can or cannot be competed in as long The bones of the arms and legs, along with the shoulder blade scapulacollar bone clavicle and pelvis make up the appendicular skeleton Male or female, at any age, can get this but it is mostly occurs in older women Team, Muscular system response to Long-term exercise One muscular system response to long term exercise is Hypertrophy: With long term exercise, there will be an increase in size of the skeletal muscle through an increase in size of its component cells It involves inflammation of one or more joints.

Although movement is a major function of the skeletal system, one cannot discount the other advantages and necessities of having a complete set of functioning bones.

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The rib cagespineand sternum protect the lungsheart and major blood vessels. The skull is composed of 22 bones which are fused together expect for the mandible.

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The role of bones help moves the body and give it shape.

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What Are the Five Main Functions of the Skeletal System?