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To become an effective teacher you must learn when, to what degree, and how to use this approach. While teacher leadership and its meaning resonate differently with various individuals, there are many widely agreed upon components that define teacher leadership.

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In an advocacy mindset, people with all backgrounds should be permitted to take on leadership roles, as this ensures all styles, ages, experience levels, content areas are advocated for in a school system. Katzenmeyer, M. Furthermore, with a supportive team of administration, or teacher leaders advocating for designated time for teachers from all backgrounds to observe and reflect upon each other, it cultivates a positive, trusting, school climate and culture. They need to know how to give to their students meaning by showing the purpose, providing the direction and the motivation while they accomplish their mission, to educate. An excellent role for teacher leadership and the ability to extend impact beyond ones own classroom is for an experienced teacher to mentor a new teacher. As a product of a mentor and coaching program, I still go to my mentor for advise and support. I will use the information that I obtained from this course to help become more active as a teacher leader in my building. While these ten steps were highly personalized, they can be tailored to any idea. The focus was only on Instructional Leadership. In nurse leadership understanding change is imperative for job function. Later, there were several problems found in the instrument that were observed and thus, revisions of this instrument took place. Mentoring, coaching and collaborating are ways to be supported and support your colleagues.

It is without question that schools are evolving, and the leadership needs do not stop with department heads and administrators. While I do not believe that a leader must have a certain personality type, I am confident in stating that a significant teacher leader must be an effective communicator.

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A teacher must give the purpose. Learned skills develop by examining qualities in other people. Teachers also need to have and develop some personal qualities that will make them successful.

When leadership roles are embraced at all levels, it enables an optimal level of opportunity for advocacy. An excellent role for teacher leadership and the ability to extend impact beyond ones own classroom is for an experienced teacher to mentor a new teacher.

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You must use the directive, participating, delegating, and combined approaches to teaching. Words: , Paragraphs: 5, Pages: 2 Publication date: October 24, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! A teacher must know what the students can relate to, what tasks the student are capable of, and what method of teaching will relate to the students. This approach is best used when you have students with a conglomeration of experiences, knowledge, motivations, and maturity. ECS, This can be accomplished by utilizing Professional Learning Communities and the expertise of teacher leaders to re-create PBIS in order to reduce the referrals. In finding resources for this paper it was interesting to note that all the information fell under the category of leadership and not teacher qualities. By conveying the direction or path to your students you are setting up the checklist for them to follow on to higher learning. Through the class readings, discussions, videos and personal experiences, I have created a ten step plan to enact in teacher leadership. Most teachers value the experience of mentorship and recognize its effectiveness when wisdom is shared between veteran and beginning teachers. Never have I been in a class where the classroom students taught the instruction. As a new teacher, you can feel overwhelmed and unsure of yourself. The program offered was very successful in my mind. More experienced teachers may only require coaching when new instructional procedures need to be implemented in the classroom. Perhaps schools could survive without bodies of teacher leadership, but it simply could not thrive.
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Teacher as a Leader in the Classroom Essay