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We got to know each other in this ice-breaking session. He is active student. Through the years, the care that he has shown to his siblings also overflows to others. He proved that he is a sacrificial leader. He affirmed that he would not have wanted it any other way. Another things that Maziyyah was choosen as the best group leader was she is intelligent student. It is worth giving it a shot.

The last day of the camp is the most memorable part. Finally, there are many special and useful tips for examination preparation in the reference book. All the exciting activities that come hand-in-hand will keep you fresh and strong.

On the first day, after the registration of participants a briefing about the camp was given by facilitators.

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I hope to hear from you soon. He always remembers to greet people and makes sure no one feels left out around him.

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At the camp, we were divided into a few groups, and each group had its own group leader. Ali was happy and excited because all of his work has been pay it by a great awards.

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