Environmental and socio economic consequences of ecotourism

The results of the analysis also show that ecotourism development in Kodagu district will not only improve local development and community livelihoods, but it will also have high positive impacts on conservation activities through community support and volunteerism.

socio cultural impacts of ecotourism

The district borders Mysore district to its east, Dakshina Kannada district on the west, Hassan district in the north and the state of Kerala to the south.

The management committee should be formed which include all government agencies responsible in natural resources management and economic development.

Environmental and socio economic consequences of ecotourism

Nepal [ 63 ] conducted a study to find the areas of satisfaction and concerns that tourists expressed on their stay in the lodges of Annapurna Conservation Area and its effect on their total ecotourism experience. Increased excitement of children was the positive outcomes of ecotourism. Atmospheric quality, sound quality, drinking water, sewage, lampblack and all kinds of establishments should meet the relative ordains of the national standards of environmental conservation [ 14 ]. The study was conducted between October and December by conducting informal interviews with tourism entrepreneurs, local tourist guides, village officials and village headman. Driml, S,. Ecotourism does not set limits on tourist numbers from the notion of carrying capacity but only controls the nature and extent of their activity [ 16 ]. Nepal is one of the countries that receive the largest number of international tourists with rapid growth of tourism [ 31 ].

Of course, if the restaurant purchases the goods and services from outside the region of interest, then the money provides no indirect impact to the region it leaks away. Half of park visitor entrance fees are allocated to local management committees for development projects of their choice such as road improvements, construction of tables for a primary school, well and public toilet construction and building rehabilitation [ 65 ].

socio economic impacts of tourism

Floral and faunal diversity had also been increased [ 5 ]. New Directions in Rural Tourism.

Negative economic impacts of ecotourism

Ecotourism has pushed its way to the forefront as one of the preferred tools for conservation and community development in many rural areas [ 6 ]. Driml, S,. From negative impacts of ecotourism like cost of living, high income distributed in out migration of local people, more imbalance in using of renewable and nonrenewable resource. Clifton and Benson [ 53 ] conducted a study to identify the nature and causes of socio-cultural impacts of ecotourism from Indonesia with the help of semi structured interviews with local residents and ecotourists. Traditional economic bases like agriculture, livestock and hunting are not compatible with protected territories so change in traditional economic activities can be done by shifting cultural attitudes [ 8 ], towards ecotourism enhancement [ 9 ]. Systematic evaluation of existing informal and formal training is needed to assist in developing new programs and improve existing ones [ 64 ]. Environmental degradation is a common problem which increases with increase in visitor number in a protected area open to recreational use [ 48 ].

In addition, the restaurant employees spend part of their wages to buy various goods and services, thereby generating induced impacts.

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(PDF) Economic Impacts of Ecotourism