Economics unlimited wants and limited resources

Explain what must happen when there are unlimited wants and limited resources

The U. We would probably die too without housing. The list of goods and services we consume is increasing day-by-day. Reasons for Increasing Cost There are three reasons why the law of increasing opportunity cost holds: a law of diminishing return, b law of diseconomies of scale, and c factor suitability. We produce things that we know people want, as long as we have the resources to make them. This is true for each resource type. However, there is a note of caution in order. If the cost of removing these inefficiencies of production and distribution is more than the gain, then it is not worthwhile to remove them. If you look around a Wal-Mart store, a Home Depot store, or several other stores, you will find a multitude of items stacked in their shelves or on the ground.

Therefore, a society needs someone, with special talents, who would start a business, bring all needed resources together, and take risks with their own money.

Therefore, an economy operating inside its PPC fails to achieve productive efficiency.

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Again, suppose that the economy is at point B and producing 7 thousand loaves of bread and 12 thousand pounds of butter. No one would do anything because no one would NEED to do anything.

Those factors, its characteristics and its rewards are dealt in - Factors of production.

Who said human wants are unlimited

There is always something else that he wants or needs. The supply of it is less than the demand for it. This subject can be divided into Microeconomics, which centres round single consumers, and Macroeconomics which focuses on the performance of the collective economy Economics, Investopedia. Factors of Economic Growth: 1. At any output above this level — for example 15, — the net loss can be lowered by lowering the output. Wants are things we desire. The problem is determining the optimal production ratio between the two.

I believe that this one would be important also because when you buy a house you would have to decide the market and where you want to live if deciding to get loans you would have to decide how to pay them off over the years. This can put a constraint on the economy's product.

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However, there is a note of caution in order. Free goods are found in such abundance that we need not pay a price for them.

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The Classification of wants: 1. However, what we can afford is finite, i.

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