Cp command overwrite all

Examples Let's say you have a file named picture.

cp: cannot overwrite directory

In this tutorial, we will discuss the basic usage of this tool using easy to understand examples. Sometimes, you might not want cp to overwrite an existing file, and you also don't want to enable the interactive option we just discussed in the previous section. To accomplish this, you can specify multiple files as the source, and a directory name as the destination.

However, if the requirement is to copy the symbolic link itself, the this can be made possible using the -P command line option, which asks cp to not follow symbolic links in source. How to make cp not follow symbolic links in source?

linux overwrite existing file

In case you any doubt or query, drop a comment below. If files-backup does not already exist, it will be created and the contents of the files directory will be placed inside it.

copy directory and overwrite
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Linux cp command help and examples