Corrections restorative justice

It incorporates a strong human rights analysis that emphasizes the factors of race and class in the over-incarceration of people. Offenders are assigned to non-profit or tax-supported agencies where the work performed serves public needs.

Corrections restorative justice

CSC also provides information, referrals to possible funding sources, and acts as a liaison to RJ practitioners, partners and community organizations. The Correctional Service of Canada CSC has been advancing work in three principle areas: creating opportunities for victims, offenders, and community members; developing restorative correctional environments; and fostering criminal justice reform.

Give attention to the unintended consequences of our actions and programs. Focus on the harms of wrongdoing more than the rules that have been broken.

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how does restorative justice help offenders

This year, CSC challenges you to initiate the proclamation process, using the tools available on our website, by contacting your municipality. Restorative Justice holds the offender accountable and provides a means for them to repay their debt to the victim and the community.

Restorative Justice is a philosophy and a social movement which provides an entirely different way of thinking about crime and victimization.

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Restorative Justice in Prisons