Chapter 4 job analysis

Decide what positions to fill, through job analysis, personnel planning, and forecasting.

job analysis articles

Appraise employees to assess how they re doing. A very popular quantitative job analysis tool, consisting of a questionnaire containing items. Recruitment and selction, EEO Compliance ADA compliance for example requires essential job functionsPerformance Approval, Compensation based off education and skill requiredTraining How do you conduct a job analysis?

job analysis and design examples

Disadvantages — Distortion of information — Depends upon employees to accurately recall their activities 4—16? Step 1:? Allows workers to control their work arrangements and job conditions?

job analysis articles

A list of what the job entails and what kind of people to hire for the job The job analysis collects what type of information? Process team — Employees to manufacture products or provide services? Specifications Based on Judgment They rely on educated guesses regarding traits and skills.

Job analysis and design examples

Diverse sources include groups, individuals, and observers. Standard Occupational Classification SOC This allows users not just managers, but workers and job seekers to see the most important characteristics of various occupations, as well as the experience, education, and knowledge required to do each job well. Explain what job analysis is, what it means and how it is done in practice 5. Write job descriptions, including summaries and job functions, using the internet and traditional methods. Resource team — Professionals to support process teams? Information source — Observing and noting the physical activities of employees as they go about their jobs? Reward and compensate employees to maintain their motivation. Competencies — Demonstrable characteristics of a person that enable performance of a job. Dmytro Roman Kulchitsky, Ph. Write job specifications using the internet as well as your judgment. The process team leader should: — Coordinate activities — Encourage participation — Facilitate team decision-making — Communicate performance targets? Specifications Based on Judgment — Self-created judgments common sense — Basic question: What does it take in terms of education, intelligence and training to do this job well? When you call him to discuss it you forgot what it means! Generally, a common sense approach is to be adopted. Role of team members — Understand team goals — Participate to solve problems, make decisions — Perform tasks to achieve standards — Monitor results?

Orient, train, and develop employees to provide them with the competencies they need to do their jobs. Traditional job descriptions with their lists of specific duties may actually backfire if a highperformance work system is the goal.

Components of job analysis

Organization chart — A chart that shows the organization-wide distribution of work, with titles of each position and interconnecting lines that show who reports to and communicates to whom. In its simplest form a process chart shows the flow of inputs to and outputs from the job you re analyzing Does a job analysis answer the question of if a job should exist or does this job make sense in relation to other jobs? Questionnaire formats — Structured checklists — Opened-ended questions? Schedule flexibility Accepts schedule changes when necessary; offers to stay late when the store is extremely busy. What is Strategic Fit? Ask the worker to list his or her duties in order of importance and frequency of occurrence. Recruitment and selection — Selection of people to recruit based on job requirements and human characteristics needed to perform these jobs? Off-task behavior reverse Uses store phones to make personal unauthorized calls; conducts personal business during work time; lets joking friends be a distraction and interruption to work. Process management team — Heads of department? Other PAQ pages contain questions regarding mental processes, work output, relationships with others, job context, and other job characteristics.
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Job Analysis and Design