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It is loyal to local forms and rarely accepts innovations from outside the region. In the more specific level, the amount of area to be built per zone and building was also established. In the following pages they will be described, defined and examples will be given to illustrate their potential impact in the landscape.

The placement of the building in the terrain is a very sensible one. This scheme called for two types of buildings: work and accommodation buildings. This can be seen in the model, which simulates the main structural elements rafters cables which are 52 kept in tension by a main set of cables spanning the A-frames.

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Through research in the properties of green timber, a financially viable use for this material was found in a way that it generated enough revenue to make the conservation effort a sustainable one.

Some of these influences are inherited by the next users, by tradition or by simply remaining untouched for centuries. It was therefore transformed into a common, referring to pieces of land that were not cultivated or denominated as farmlands.

Peddle, 4 figure 4 Maiden Castle F. It is encouraged to have a balanced relationship between the man-made decisions and the understanding of natural characteristics of the place.

One of the main requirements is that it had to be very straight since it would be used in the round to avoid extensive machining processes and increasing 80 amounts of waste material.

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