Apollo 13 and servant leadership

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While using reframing approach leaders ends up being inspirational and efficient doing their organizational roles. Human resource frame pays attention to the relationship between each organization and its manpower. The mission to the moon was disrupted by the accident that occurred on the second day of the exploration. Furthermore, it is not the intent of the author to critique the leadership style the actual former NASA astronaut depicted in the aforementioned film. Conclusion The movie Apollo 13 has many characters that embody the philosophy of servant-leadership. Copy that. The movie illustrates how the leaders can develop a vision and values, and how the teams can collaborate under high stress situation. NASA was also portrayed as a team environment.

In the film, NASA was mostly portrayed as an organization of trust. Although the other astronauts noted that they needed to be well rested for another event, they operated as a team and agreed to reenter the simulation.

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I believe that if NASA approached the situation using a different frame, for example, Symbolic frame, it is probable that it would be incapable of saving the lives of the crew since other frames give more emphasis to the attainment of the objectives of the organization at the expense of the welfare of its employees.

The success of Apollo 13 was dependent on the capacities of its leadership to steer the team to safety.

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As a government agency, NASA is a very structured and organized organization with a clear division of labor as well as policies, procedures and systems that allow for a unified effort toward a common goal Bolman and Deal,p.

Reframing organizations: Artistry, choice and leadership. The mission to the moon had been successfully planned for several years. Several leadership approaches are prominent to be emulated from the exploration.

Apollo 13 and servant leadership

One of the objectives of NASA was to establish an ideal technology that would meet all the interests of the nation in space. In fact, just two days into the mission the service module oxygen tank exploded.

The leaders were more concerned about the safety of the people in the team.

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Leadership, however, was at all times in control and all voices silenced when the White team Flight Director, Gene Kranz spoke. The objectives of going to the moon were more than just visiting the moon and going back to earth. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. The mission to the moon was disrupted by the accident that occurred on the second day of the exploration. Personal and organizational transformations. Also, NASA attempted to conduct a program of scientific exploration to the moon. Organizational frames of guiding organization leadership, which redefined perspectives on organization structure image and politics. As you can see from our lesson plan, we had time allocated towards an introduction, individual case studies, a group case, a formal debate, and closing thoughts. Apollo 13 experienced an explosion that led to the damage of the oxygen system. Thus, the crew responded immediately to the need to work towards saving the team irrespective of their position. Your memo contained excellent conclusions, including inconsistencies in the useful life of real property, computer equipment, and production equipment. The structural frame shows the role of society structure in organizational function. However, NASA leadership demonstrated that they could remain relatively calm in the face of danger. Several events in the movie can be noted for their focus on interpersonal relationships.
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Apollo 13 the Movie Essay