Apache rewrite all 404

This is in relation to the document root html directory. RewriteRule defines a particular rule. Adding [L] after a rewrite rule can help in some cases, because that tells the server to stop trying to rewrite a URL after it has applied that rule. For example, if you use index. This will direct rewrites to the main index page given in the second string.

Or, you may need to copy files from your old location to the new location.

apache redirect 404 to another domain

So, if the. See more regular expressions at perl. You should check your entire. View the following link for more information and examples about mod-rewrite: mod-rewrite cheat sheet Rewriting non-existing links to index. Please visit this page to clear all LQ-related cookies. Basically, this makes sure that sub-pages get redirected to the same sub-page and not the main page.

Test Navigate to your domain using a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters. There's a more detailed explanation of the special characters at the end of this article. Regular expressions Rewrite rules often contain symbols that make a regular expression regex.

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How can I redirect and rewrite my URLs with an .htaccess file?