An analysis of the main character humbert in the book lolita by vladimir nabokov

Their relationship progresses and he, time and again, suffers guilt and remorse. While other characters silently dance, Humbert narrates, often with his back to the audience as his image is projected onto video screens.

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Annabel dies shortly thereafter of typhus. Humbert finds Clare Quilty by visiting Ivor at his office. He tracks down Dolores and finds her living in a clapboard house with her husband, who is not the abductor. This is no pretty theme, but it is one with which social workers, magistrates and psychiatrists are familiar. After a year attached to an arctic expedition, the only time in his life he claims to have been free of his tortured yearning, Humbert suffers another mental breakdown, and learns to manipulate psychiatrists while he recovers. Both are extremely intelligent and worldly sophisticates. He's also sophisticated, intellectual, and culturally superior. Ulysses and Lady Chatterley's Lover ". He abandoned it by , but fragments were woven into a seven-minute piece, "Darkbloom: Overture for an Imagined Opera". Although he still loves her, worn-out and pregnant and asks her to come away with him, she patiently and wearily refuses. References in media[ edit ] Literary memoir[ edit ] Reading Lolita in Tehran is a memoir about teaching government-banned Western literary classics to women in the world of an Islamic Iran, which author Azar Nafisi describes as dominated in the s by fundamentalist "morality squads". Earlier in the book, Humbert had had nothing but contempt and revulsion for the older high school and college girls as well as adult women.

Perhaps, the American literary critic Lionel Trilling says it best when he describes the reader's experience in the following way: We find ourselves the more shocked when we realize that, in the course of reading the novel, we have come virtually to condone the violation it presents [ But when he finds her, he realises that it is not her husband who kidnapped her from the hospital, but Clare Quilty.

Critics are often divided into love-him or hate-him camps. Hubert, an older man preying upon then-child protagonist, Flora. This specific incident in the episode is discussed in a article on the decline of the use of public libraries in Britain by G.

dolores haze

As he waits for the pill to take effect he wanders through the hotel and meets an anonymous man who, unbeknownst to Humbert, is in fact famous playwright Clare Quilty, a friend of the now-deceased Charlotte.

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Humbert Humbert in Lolita