Air india mission vision

For example, establishing new plan such that allocating a group of employees for each aircraft, who are responsible for each and every issue of the aircraft. The main aim of human factors development is to recognize the issues which causes to the disasters and to find the ways of prevention, such that it wont happen again.

Air india mission vision

Please refer the graph on top. After this, the change has to be implemented in various phases Because of limited number of suppliers there has hardly been any effective choice for the airline industry, with the 3 state owned oil companies fixing the ATF price on a mutually agreed common formula between them. By end , India will need to have a fleet of at least around active aircraft for domestic flights. The government also allowed independent members to come on board. As Air-India was operating its sub hubs in London and Frankfurt, but the management in the hubs are Indians. Politics will indulge in each and every issue, including human resource and procurement. As Air-India was operating from India, the security is always a big risk. As per the document initiatives like Nabh Nirman for airport capacity augmentation , Digi Yatra for paperless travel and AirSewa for online passenger grievance redressal are bringing in radical changes. Getting higher load factors may be a challenge. And the speed part of execution is what I have factored in my mission plan as well. The major suppliers for the company are Boeing and Airbus.

Recent attacks on airports and hijacking of aircrafts reveal that security is a major risk factor. Then the power of the buyer is very high, as the competition between the companies is more.

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For example, half of Air-Indias Boeing aircrafts are remaining in the hangers, without regular usage. Models and their related documents are produced and uploaded on the PDM system with status, document number and version. Then the change has to be documented 6.

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Load Factors: The domestic airline industry has been flying fuller airplanes on average thanks to pricing stimulation, increased competition, and lowered fuel prices which has enabled more aggressive pricing.

When an external change is requested along with investigation task is made displayed on the work list of landing gear provider. At the end of the calendar yearIndia is expected to fly 80 million passengers.

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Once the change was placed, then an internal checking has to be done 4. As it was operated under the control of the government, the decision making process takes a long time, as the decision have to come through various phases of the government, starting from the ministry and management.

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India’s air passenger traffic to cross a billion in Vision document