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Alexander in Land Lotalong with that portion of north of Pearce Street, was developed earlier than the southern section of the neighborhood, and their histories are best dealt with separately.

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While the expansion and growth of the railroads provided the impetus for the city's continued growth, Atlanta strove to develop a more sophisticated image that defined it as more than a "railroad town. In some cross gable examples, particularly those with Tudor influence, the front gable is one-half or less the width of the facade.

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Agnew also remembered that the early deeds restricted occupancy to whites only, but, she said, "This was really very strange. Adair Park also featured a school, built inand a park, completed in One in particular, Adair, would play a large role in the development of West End and Adair Park, and Alexander would likewise be responsible for the initial planning of lots in Adair Park.

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Land Lot remained largely intact from the time it was a land grant in to its subdivision in and then developed gradually from the late s into the s.

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Adair Park (Decatur)