A look at life without freedom

life without freedom is not worth living

Since they need as many as two porters for each soldier to move much of their supplies and equipment, they conscript people living outside the war zones. Even more monstrous, the North bombed the wells that provided southerner's water, as well as sites with foreign relief supplies, including food for the starving southerners.

Then they kicked my baby son down into the fire, and all the hair on his head was burnt.

What happens if we didn t have freedom

And while detained suspects can expect as a matter of course that officials will torture them. Carrying on their heads the goods stolen by their captors, without food and only able to drink from filthy ponds along the way, they were forced to walk north for three days to the village of Goos. As many as 40,, Chinese might have starved to death or died from related diseases. All our achievements, milestones, and obstacles had to be repeated and solved again. To steer yourself out of your prison and into the light of freedom. This near totalitarian, religious rule especially enslaves women, roughly half the population. They deserve to spend their lives surrounded by love. One resulting reform is to permit families to have two children, if both parents are from single child families. Our people were being turned to ash. So many opportunities are missed by not being able to live it. Seek freedom. To get a confession the police tied him up like an animal, and beat and tortured him. The W2F blog series will end in March. They even arrested hundreds of those elected to parliament, with harsh prison conditions causing some of their deaths. No bullying, no teasing, no cliques, just love.

While under arrest she denied this, but since she could not read Arabic, authorities tricked her into signing a confession she thought was a release order. A man was meant to be wild and free, to live his life with his soul unfettered. Nor are Burmese free to start a business or invest.

Moreover, camp authorities might combine work with required communist study, making it even harder to meet quotas. The days the military forcibly take without pay often makes even bare survival difficult.

Burma is a military dictatorship, and this regime is willing to use its weapons on unarmed people who protest or demonstrate. As a life without freedom is not worth much.

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A life without boundaries is a life out of control