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His father, an architect from a strict evangelical family, died of consumption soon after Forster was born, leaving him to be raised by his mother and paternal great-aunt.

Inhe visited Egypt, Germany and India with the classicist Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinsonby which time he had written all but one of his novels. He had to give up what had been an active life of traveling and speaking engagements, though he remained intellectually acute until his death.

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Craft and Character. In his old college gave him an honorary fellowship, which enabled him to make his home in Cambridge and to keep in communication with both old and young until his death. Forster: Our Permanent Contemporary. This house served as a model for Howards End, as he had fond memories of his childhood there.

Although the later Forster is an important figure in midth-century culturehis emphasis on a kindly, uncommitted, and understated morality being congenial to many of his contemporaries, it is by his novels that he is more likely to be remembered, and these are best seen in the context of the preceding Romantic tradition.

A Room with a View was filmed by Merchant-Ivory in It was started before any of his others, as early asand exists in earlier forms referred to as 'Lucy'.

The endless journey. Forster had five novels published in his lifetime. Many of its members went on to constitute what came to be known as the Bloomsbury Groupof which Forster was a member in the s and s.

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The sign on the wall above the garage door marks the th anniversary of his birth From until his mother's death at age 90 in March , Forster lived with her at the house West Hackhurst in the village of Abinger Hammer , Surrey , finally leaving in September May, Brian. Biography of E. The Apostles and the Bloomsbury Group What Cambridge meant for Forster, he revealed directly and by implication in the early chapters of The Longest Journey and in Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson , a biography of his Cambridge friend and mentor. New York : St. Eldridge, C. Macmillan Modern Novelists. He also suffered his first stroke in , though, and a more serious one the next year; his health deteriorated gradually thereafter. Forster spent three wartime years in Alexandria , doing civilian war work, and visited India twice, in —13 and Forster and his World.

This novel's acclaim derives from its portrayal of diverse cultures—Muslim, Hindu, and Christian—and the difficulties inherent in their coexistence.

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