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Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC is the leading federal law enforcement agency dedicated to eradicating employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, pregnancy, age, disability, and family medical history or genetic information.

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As a result, in fiscal year the EEOC reduced the charge workload by An analysis done by the EEOC can also not take into account other pay determining factors, such as education level, length of employment, and more. The agency's fiscal year Congressional Budget Justification was submitted to Congress on February 6, Full implementation of Executive Order is an important part of our work to improve Labor-Management relations and facilitate collaboration between managers and employees concerning improved delivery of service to the public and agency performance.

The Commission has also identified emerging employment issues for example, leave as a reasonable accommodation for people with disabilities and taken a fresh look at recurring discriminatory practices for example, disparate treatment in hiring to determine whether our outreach and enforcement strategies can be improved.

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The proposed budget assumes continuation of these activities in fiscal year However, in this, as in every area of our work, we must consistently strive to make the best possible use of the resources entrusted to us, relentlessly search for ways in which we can improve performance, and be willing to make the changes necessary to increase the program's effectiveness.

The EEOC also oversees enforcement of employment discrimination laws in federal government agencies and conducts hearings and appeals as a part of that process.

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Do the federal employment anti-discrimination laws apply to my business?

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